Garth Brooks Un-Retires; Signs 5-Year Deal with Wynn’s Encore Casino in Las Vegas

According to Live Daily, Garth Brooks announced this week that he would be coming out of retirement to do shows for 16 weekends per year for the next five years at Wynn’s Encore Casino in Las Vegas. The country singer has been in retirement for nearly ten years, promising that he would stay retired until his children were grown. And he almost made it. They’re teenagers and part of his deal with Wynn’s Encore Casino provides Garth Brooks with a private jet to take him home to his daughters after each weekend engagement.

Garth Brooks said, “[Wynn has] taken care of my children, he’s taken care of my wife. My life is not going to change, except that I’m going to get to play live music.”

Garth Brooks would more than likely have stayed retired if Steve Wynn hadn’t given him the oft heard about “offer he couldn’t refuse.” Brooks told the Associated Press that Wynn, who had approached the bestselling solo artist in history (US sales) with the idea to play regularly at his casino, didn’t have enough money to get him to do a regular show. “I told him he couldn’t afford me,” Brooks explained. “I was wrong. Wow.”

Steve Wynn told the gathering of reporters and fans that the first show would be on December 11. Garth Brooks will perform four shows during each weekend engagement — one Friday, two Saturday, one Sunday — and they are to be spread out over the course of a year. Tickets will sell for $125 each.

Neither Garth Brooks nor Steve Wynn would discuss the financial agreement that Brooks couldn’t turn down. Wynn joked, “If I were to tell you that, I would probably be fired by my stockholders.”

Garth Brooks, although staying out of the spotlight for the most part of the last decade, has a huge fan base to draw from, so Wynn’s investment will no doubt pay off. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Brooks has sold over 128 albums in the U. S. during his career. His sales are second only to the Beatles in the U. S., and since 1991, according to Nielsen Soundscan, through September 2008, Brooks had sold over 11 million more albums in the U. S. than the Beatles.

And he did it with energetic showmanship, a couple of pop-tinged songs to go with his predominantly traditional sound, and a humble manner that endeared him to his fans. He brought the high energy rock-patterned stage show to country audiences in the early 1990s, appealing to a younger audience, and it paid off for both the Okahoma singer and for country music in general. In the following years, Garth Brooks would sell millions of tickets to sold-out arenas around the world.

But if Steve Wynn was afraid Garth Brooks might not sell out his shows in the much smaller Encore Casino, he need not worry. In 2007, the demand for Garth Brooks tickets at a one-show Kansas City Sprint Center Arena Wal-Mart event was so great it led to an expanded 9-day sellout.

And with Garth Brooks’ return to the stage, could a new album not be far behind? Fans haven’t seen an album of new material from Brooks since November 2001 when he released “Scarecrow,” which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and has sold over 5 million copies to date. To learn more about this deal between Garth Brooks and Wynn’s Encore Casino agen judi is the best option for you that is out there. You get all the relevant information and predictions from there as well.

The Three Card Poker Principle: Choosing the Right Starting Hand

The biggest mistake players new to poker make is putting too much faith in the cards. The standard poker deck consists of 52 cards. This high number of cards creates many possible of hands. New players are often overwhelmed and feel they have many more achievable hands than is actually realistic. The principle I am introducing to you today is the three- card principle. The idea of this principle is to control your bets on the five -card hands (the straights and flushes)(also known as “reach hands). By limiting the number of “reach hands” you stay in on, you will lengthen the time you stay at a table and increase your earnings per hand.

When you are playing a game of Five Card draw, there are at least fourty-seven possibilities of cards you could draw after your opening hand. If you are looking at a hand with only a King High, chances are there isn’t much you can make, even after the draw. This idea of having a weak hand also applies to a hand where you have two pieces of a five card straight. So remember when you were playing online poker at Bandar judi bola, it is really important to have a strong hand in playing.

The best way to ensure you continue on to see the better hands later in the game is recognizing when your hand just can’t see through to the end of the pot. By realizing your hand has very little possibility of carrying you through and folding, you save yourself valuable chips that will let you see better draws as the table goes on. The 3-card principle is a simple way to evaluate your beginning hand. If you have at least 3-cards of a 5-card winning hand (either a straight of a flush) you can consider your hand a strong hand that you should pursue continue to pursue. The common trait all professional poker players have in common is the ability to recognize they are not going to win a hand and make the decision to fold.

For example, consider an opening hand of Ace-Heart, 4-Diamond, 7-Heart, King- Club, and 9- Club. When a new poker player sees this hand, they aim high and want to return the 4,7,9 in hopes of completing the Ace-High straight. In reality, the chances of completing a straight with only two pieces are low. On any given table with 8 player seated, there is over a 30% chance that one player will have a pocket pair. That pocket pair will be your “hopeful straight” nineteen times out of twenty. By saving your stack until you see a “3 out of 5 piece hand” you stand to go home with some big money. A new player to poker is likely to convince himself or herself to see the draw and bet liberally while a poker pro recognizes the risk and will either bet conservatively or fold before the draw.

When evaluating your opening hand in a game of Five Card draw, always remember the three- card principle. Without at least three pieces of your target hand, you should always either bet conservatively or fold. Avoid getting drawn into a heads up situation with a player who can simply beat you with a high card or a pair they pulled in their opening hand.

A Beginners Guide to the Top Ten Starting Hands in Texas Hold’em Poker

Now that you have started to play poker, be it for fun, or competitively, you’re most likely looking for a real easy way to improve your poker skills. Because after all poker IS a game of skill. One of the most important poker skills you can have is a good grasp on odds and probability. Even though most poker players will tell you that poker is a skill game, there is still an element of chance involved. One of the best ways to manipulate the chance in your favor is to understand odds at the poker table.\An easy mistake lots of new poker players make, is their apparent inability to lay down a hand that even they know is beat. This comes from most new poker player’s inability to pick and choose their starting hands wisely. You need to understand that poker is NOT a two card game. Take Texas Hold’em for example. It’s a very popular poker variant that is responsible for 90% of the new poker players out there. In this form of poker you are dealt two cards face down. These are your hole cards, or “pockets”. Some pocket cards or combinations of pocket cards have a greater starting value than others. For Texas Hold’em poker details you can have a look at

Understanding starting value in your hole cards is very important. Even though your pocket seven’s you were just dealt look very attractive, they really are just a middle pair. A middle pair is going to be “out drawn” by two higher cards a good deal of the time. For example, if you have your starting hand of sevens, and I have a starting hand of Ace-Jack, I can draw any one of the other three Jacks or Aces to beat you. That’s six cards I can catch to win, or six “outs”. You only have two sevens left in the deck to catch. A pair of sevens could make a straight, provided you get a running combination of four cards. My Ace-Jack only needs a running combination of three cards to make a straight.

Obviously there are more factors involved than what I have explained thus far, but if you begin to explore the possibilities of other starting hands as we have begun to here, you will begin to see, that there are starting hands that are statistically far and away better than others. Let’s go over the top ten starting hands in Texas Hold’em. They will be ranked from one, being the best, to ten, being the tenth best.

#1. Ace-Ace. Sometimes called “bullets”, or “weapons of mass destruction”. Mathematically the best starting hand in Hold’em poker. Aces will get cracked by two random cards only 15% of the time.

#2. King-King. Also called “cowboys”, kings will only loose to a pair of aces more often than not.

#3. Queen-Queen. Referred to as “ladies”, queens are a strong high pair and a good solid starting hand, but can be out drawn by two cards.

#4. Jack-Jack. Sometimes called “fishhooks”, it can be tough to play. Jacks will be out drawn by a lot of attractive starting hands. It’s pretty solid anyway.

#5. Ace-King suited. Also called “big slick”, it’s got two top cards to draw on, and catches a “nut flush” with any three cards of the same suit. If it doesn’t catch it’s just a high card.

#6. Ten-Ten. Referred to as “dimes”, tens look great starting out early in a hand, but loose value fast as the higher cards hit the board.

#7. Ace-King off suit. They call this one “big slick” also, and it has the same chance of making a nice high pair, but substantially lower chance of making a flush than its suited counterpart.

#8. Ace-Queen suited. Sometimes called “big chick”, it’s an attractive drawing hand, and has a lot off power in terms of making small pairs lay down.

#9. King-Queen suited. Known as the “royal couple”, two top pair makers to draw on make this hand easy to play, and it makes for a nice “second nut flush” with the addition of three cards of the same suit.

#10. Ace-Jack suited. This should bring back fond memories for you blackjack players, and is known to poker players as “ajax”. Nice to look down and see this in the pocket, even nicer if that lonely Jack hits on the flop.

There you have it, the top ten starting hands in Texas Hold’em poker. I have found that a great way to practice figuring out how your starting hands stack up is to try and work out the next ten or twenty hands on our list. Try to figure #11 through #30, I am sure you’ll be surprised to see what is and isn’t there when the dust settles.

When you play don’t solely rely on math and probability to guide your decisions, use your instincts, and trust you gut. If you loose, learn from it, and try hard to not make the same mistakes over and over. That’s the only way to really improve. After all, poker is a game of skill.

Until next time remember: A good poker player can dodge bad luck, a great poker player doesn’t have to.

Poker Etiquette Number 1

Poker is a great game, but it can become very stressful. When doing anything stressful, especially when money is involved, people tend to become angry and tempers may flare. It is very easy to see why so many people were killed during poker games in the past. Anyone who has played a great deal of poker has seen someone throw a fit after losing. People becoming angry when they lose money will happen but there are ways to avoid causing unnecessary tension. There are many impolite actions that can be taken offensive at the poker tables. Some of which you may not have thought were rude, such as “going south” during a cash game. If you do not know the meaning of “going south” then read on and you may learn bad habits of your own. These can be very useful to know when you are playing a game of Domino100.

The first of which I am going to bring up is “going south.” This refers to taking chips off the table and not betting them anymore. This is only applicable during cash games. Many players will do this after winning a large hand. A player will simply take some of the money he won and pull it off the table. This is a very quick way to upset others at the poker table. This will particularly upset people who you won from in the hand since they no longer have the opportunity to win their money back. The best policy is simply to leave all your money on the table until you are ready to leave the table.

The second bad behavior is splashing the pot. A player throws there chips into the center of the pot making it difficult for the dealer to count it. This slows down the game and is considered very rude towards the dealer. This is a move you see in commercials and movies but should not otherwise be done. When betting simply place your chips neatly out in front of you. Be sure they are close enough for the dealer to reach but not in the pot.

Do not under any circumstances purposely miscall your hand. This is done often by someone trying to appear funny at the table but it can be very irritating. Also if the dealer or other player is not paying attention to your cards it could cause some confusion. This will slow down the game and upset the other players at the table.

String betting is by many casinos considered against the rules. A string bet is when you push in one stack of chips in to the pot and then push in a second stack. You must push in all the chips you are betting at once or declare the amount that you are going to raise. The reason string betting is not allowed is it can cause confusion, which slows down the game. The other problem with string bets are that you can make the bet and if it does not appear that your opponent is folding you can grab for more chips.

The very last and possibly most important etiquette rule when playing poker is never “slow roll.” This is when you allow your opponent to turn their cards first or slowly flip your cards over. Only in the movie Maverick is this ever done (and almost gets shot for it). By slow rolling your opponent you are letting the suspense build which creates more tension. This can also cause an opponent to think he has one the hand only for you to turn your cards over and take their glory.

Always remember how strenuous poker can be on the mind. The game is supposed to be fun, and when people are upset it begins to ruin the game for the whole table. So follow these five poker etiquette rules so as to keep everyone happy. If you are interested in seeing more articles of this nature such as poker etiquette and manners let me know. I appreciate your messages and comments.

How To Play The Quarter Betting Game

There’s an easy betting game to play for football games. Anybody that wants to get in on the betting can and they don’t have to know anything about football. Usually, no more than a quarter is placed for a bet and coins are what is usually used, but you can change the rules. You should also check out Agen Bola Terpercaya for more such tips and trick that you ca use. With these tips you can significantly improve your betting game.

What is needed:

1 to 4 pieces of paper

A pen or a pencil

People to bet, each needing at least four quarters (or whatever coins are used or they are going to bet)


Very few preparations are needed

Eight rows of 10 or 11 boxes are drawn on the paper or papers. It depends on how you want to set up the sheet. If you are using four papers horizontally, you may want to draw two rows of 10 boxes. If you are using just one piece of paper, you may need to make the boxes closer. However, each box should be able to hold at least one quarter.

In each row of 10 boxes, write the numbers 0 through 9, one number per box.

Write one of the team names above each of the rows or in the 11th box for each row, so there would be four rows that contain “team 1” and four rows that contain “team 2”

Playing the betting game:

The game takes place during each quarter. It ends at the end of each quarter. A peson places a bet by placing a quarter on the number of the score that they think a team’s score will have at the end of the number. This way, there is no guessing who will win. It is simply a betting game based on numbers.

When the quarter is finished, the person who placed their bet on the correct number for the team’s score gets all the quarters in the row. If only one bet was correct for one team and the other team had no correct bets, the person who bet for the first team gets the quarters from both rows.

However, if there are no correct bets, two things can happen depending on how you play the game.

Option 1:

The quarters stay and then after the next quarter of the football game, anybody that gets the correct ending number gets to take the quarters for their team from that quarter and the previous quarter (once again, all of the quarters if only one bet was correct for one team).

Option 2:

Everybody gets their quarters back and the game starts new with the second quarter of the football game.

Do the same things for the third and fourth quarters of the game. The important part of the game is that you keep it consistant however you play it.

This game can even be played by people who are not interested in the game since all you need is one person watching the game to let others know the final score during each quarter of the game.

How To Play Poker For Beginners

As the Internet and telecommunication sectors has increased with development of technology, the online poker player numbers have also increased from every country. The online poker game has made it very easy for people to play poker online just by sitting before a computer. For the purpose of saving time and making efforts to visit any casino or poker rooms, the people usually prefer to play online poker games. Playing a poker game in any online casino or any poker site would be a very complex process for a new poker player. As a fish is feeling himself, a small fish, among all other sharks in water your feeling will be same in poker game.

Try to get some kind of instructions or information before playing poker for the first time in your life. This information can be gathered by several ways. The easiest way is to read the instructions about the game. By browsing the online pages of the internet, you can get many of the articles and pages for the instructions to play a poker game.

The second way of getting information is by watching the poker games on the television. There are many Poker game shows broadcasted on television, you can get tons of useful information and techniques for playing poker. The television poker game shows also show why hands with computer graphics win mostly. The third way of getting information about poker game is to play poker for the first time against your friend or you should play poker online. Dominoqq online is a best site to practice online. This website contains some of the best poker online games that beginners can try out.

There are some of the good poker sites which provide you fun and money both simultaneously and the practice tables in poker are very common to play poker games. The pretend chips can be played fun against your friend or others and can practice of playing poker. If you have finally decided to play poker for real money, you need to have some amount of money for betting in poker. For a player of poker, playing it is easy but mastering the rules and techniques is very difficult. By practice you can increase your efficiency in playing poker.

You should come to a table with low limits and enter into a turbo game because they are faster games for your consideration of your next moves. Turbo games should be avoided by the beginners. Every game has a time limit but the turbo games have less time for the betting.

Before going for a practice table you should gather some information about the practice tables on the website. You should make sure that they have all the games which you want to play before downloading the game software. The positive reviews given by the poker players for poker sites will be good to play poker. Any bonus or additional offers should be checked for full support by the poker site. Finally there is not any restriction for any player to play poker as there is no eligibility for playing Poker. Every man living anywhere in the world can play online or offline poker games.

How to Throw a Casino Night Dinner Party

Dinner parties can be boring, and sometimes it is hard to get people to actually come, but if you have an awesome theme for your party you will have more responses than ever before. This article will show you how to throw a casino night dinner party that I promise will be a hit. You can visit sbowin to get all the thin that you might need for the casino night. You can learn about different card games that you can play. You can easily learn those games as well, as you have the option to play them online.

In order to decorate for your casino night you will need bright lights, green table cloths, fake dice, fake money, and playing cards. Decorate your house with many Christmas lights, and hang large dice from the ceiling. You can create your own decorations by attaching playing cards to streamers and hanging them from the ceiling and around the house. You can also cut out hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades from pieces of red or black colored paper and hang them around your house as well for decoration. Money symbols and fake money can also be hung around the house for fun. Remember to have fun no matter how you decorate.

Food is another important part of your casino dinner party, and you want to supply food that can be eaten easily and on the go as people move around the house to play different games. Finger food work best for this type of party. Vegetable platters with spinach dip are a great choice, and I live fruit platters with yogurt as well. Mini egg rolls and chicken fingers are also another good snack. Mini sandwiches are a definite choice for these parties, and I also like to make crackers with cheddar cheese and raisins for my casino parties. Remember to keep the food easily transportable and light, and have it set out in a buffet style so that the guests can bring their food with them to the games.

In order to get the games rolling at your casino party remember to have a few different tables set up. Some table you will need is a poker table, a blackjack table, and a roulette wheel. All of these tables will have green tablecloths and you will need someone to deal out the games or act as the leader. The guests can nominate themselves or you can choose to do it. Just remember to give all the guests fake money at the start of the night. I like to hand them a gift bag as they enter, and this bag will include a set amount of fake money, funny sunglasses and visors. These items set the mood for the party, and it allows the guests to start having fun.

Remember to have some fun prizes that your guests can trade in their play money for at the end of the night, and this party will be a blast!

Smart Basic Strategy of Hold’em Poker vs Omaha Poker

Texas Hold’em is generally played with nine or ten people at a table. This is the same for Omaha, a variation of Texas Hold’em but with four hold cards distributed at the beginning of the game per player as opposed to two cards. There is the major difference. Even though you must use two and only two of the four hold cards in Omaha, this slight difference makes a big difference as far as developing a winning strategy.

So, you can’t expect to do well on Omaha game Judi online just because you’re great in Hold’em. But you can modify some Hold’em strategies to gain advantage.

Mathematics Of Texas Hold’em Poker

If there are nine players at a table then 18 cards are distributed on the first round. This is about 1/3 of the deck. When the flop happens each player can see his two pocket cards and the three cards of the flop. Even after the river card is turned more than half the cards remain in the deck. This is true with 10 players as well.

If you have an ace and another ace flops the odds of someone holding the third and/or fourth ace is less than 50/50. In a truly random in a well shuffled deck. You can feel pretty secure that your aces will be good as long as your kicker is good. Of course if there are three spades on board you can be pretty sure someone has at least two spades which will trump your aces or even aces up. If there is a rainbow flop and no three straight flopped, and no pairs flopped you can be pretty sure your aces will hold unless someone has flopped a set (three of a kind) or two pairs. An un-raised value bet will tell you if someone has the trips or two pair and you better leave at that point.

Mathematics Of Omaha Hold’em Poker

Dramatically different than Texas Hold’em, Omaha has 37 card distributed in a nine player field and 40 cards given out in a ten player game. With the five board cards dealt virtually the whole deck is in play (45 out of 52 cards). So the question of are there one or two aces left in the deck becomes mute. They have probably been distributed. The question then becomes who has them and what are they using them for. Aces as a pair generally are not a winning hand in Omaha Poker. However, they are great if no pair has been dealt on board and you have the ace suited in your hand. With a flush or a four card, flush draw on the flop. Going in with two suited cards without an ace of that suit may lead you to a flush which is beaten by the nut flush with someone holding the ace and another card of that suit in their hand. Therefore always remember that when you play Omaha, don’t count on a card still being left in the deck. It is most likely out there in someone’s hold cards.

The Best Omaha Hand in a Omaha High Only Game

In my opinion AAKQ is the best pocket cards if the king is suited with one ace and the queen is suited with the other ace. This gives you two nut flush draws, a nut straight draw and a pair of aces which may become as set on the flop. Remember, in most Omaha games you must use two cards from your hand to make your final hand. If you have the ace of spades but no other spades in your hold cards, you cannot make a flush even if 4 or 5 spades fall on the board. That is because you must use two cards from your 4 hold card to make a hand. If you have one spade in your hold cards you cannot make a spade flush no matter how many spades fall on the board.

Best Omaha Hand in a Hi-Lo Game

In my opinion the best Omaha hand in an Omaha Hi-Lo game is AA23 where the deuce is suited with one ace and the 3 is suited with the second ace. You may win both high and low hands if a tree cards to a wheel (a straight of 1, 2, 3, 4,  amp; 5) or a nut flush with a good secondary low.

Good luck and have fun. Omaha is so interesting and complex that one day it may overtake Texas Hold’em as the game played in the main event of the World Seri

3 of the Best Online Game Sites

The best online games sites depends on a one’s age, interest, and whether if you want to play just for fun or compete to win prizes. There are free online game sites where you can win prizes as well as sites where you must pay to win cash or prizes. The online gaming industry has attracted people of all backgrounds with its detailed graphics and the opportunity to play with someone on the other side of the world. Online game sites not only provide hours of fun and entertainment, it improves your knowledge, concentration, strategy skills, eases stress and sharpen your reflexes. Playing online games with other online players promotes social networking and has revolutionized online gaming. You can also check out situs poker to play online poker. It is really easy to navigate through the website and you can even win lot of prizes if you win there.

Nickelodeon’s official website is the best online game site for children. features children’s favorite characters and games based on the current television shows for kids. What is so interesting about this online game site is it mixes learning subjects that the child does not like with activities that the child does like. Children are doing math calculations, spelling and solving puzzles without even realizing they are learning them. games test motor skills, develops a child’s thinking ability and boost their self-esteem.

It was exhausting and frustrating trying to get my 1st grader to pay attention and learn with flash cards or work sheets, however letting him play significantly improved his focus, reading and ability to solve math equations. I was impressed with the graphics, detailed oriented games and their safety guide warning children of the online dangers. I had to try a few out a few games on for my own amusement. is definitely considered to be the best online game site for my kids. by the Lycos Inc is one of the best online game sites for adults. It is free to sign up and free to play; furthermore a few of their games offer chances to win prizes. They have an excellent variety to choose from and I guarantee there will be at least one that will appeal to you. My favorites are the Frantic Fish bingo game and Bubble Pop. Many of their games are based on real life TV game shows, for example: Family Feud, The Price is Right and Deal or No Deal. Gamesville games will sure get your adrenaline pumping, strengthening your reflexes to smoke out your online competition. Gamesville also has online chat to socialize with players all over the world. Gamesville has a 99% positive rating on websites like; you can checkout there why people say is the best online game site.

Grand Prive´ at is one of the best online casino and poker game sites. This is one of the most reputable online gambling sites that carries the eCOGRA “Safe and Fair” seal. I trust Grand Prive´ with my money and their payouts are prompt. The amazing and breath taking graphics will have you believing you are actually at the casino. I personally believe many of their real series video slots are of better quality than the land based or riverboat casinos.

Grand Prive´ offers a 100% new player bonus on all five of their casinos and poker rooms. also offers generous weekly deposit bonuses for current players. If you want to test them out you can play just for fun. The thrill you will have playing for free you will indeed tempt you to make a small deposit for a chance to win big. You can join their free play tournaments to win a little change. They are available every hour. I won $20 out their $75 pool on a tournament. I used that $20 to play their slot machines and with that $20 I won $700. Another opportunity for you to win money there is to write to them about their casino for a chance to be featured in their “E-MAGAZINE”. I wrote a poem admiring their casino and showing my appreciation. I was absolutely stunned to find out I won the $500 first place prize and my poem was posted in their E-MAGAZINE.

Once you become a depositing player you will receive their E-MAGAZINE every 3 months with a free money code from $50-$100. If you do choose to become a depositing player as with all casinos, be responsible! However, if you are not being a responsible player and become addicted, provides you with numbers to call for help or a checkout button. This checkout button offers you to block yourself from the casino from 6 months to forever, this caring option indeed make the best online game site.

Online gaming has changed the way many people learn, communicate and entertain themselves. Online gaming is constantly evolving with growing technology, ingenious minds, and the desire for life-like graphics. It will be a matter of time before we will no longer be just playing the game, we will be able to put ourselves in the game. My family will be ready to experience the thrill of the next generation of best online game sites.

8 Great Free-To-Play Online Video Games

When money is tight it becomes more important than every to seek the best value for your dollar. If you’re a video game enthusiast it can be a challenge. Games can be expensive to buy and they may have expensive monthly subscription fees. Budget conscious people still want a high quality gaming experience, but it can be tough to find suitable games. Take heart! There are plenty of terrific free games for you to play.

Domino 99 is one of those fascinating games you must try. But if it’s doesn’t fit your preference, then check these options today:

1. Continuum

This top-down shooter lets you take control of a spaceship and fly around multi-player maps blasting opponents into space dust. The variety of ships and abilities is good. Control is smooth and the hardware requirements are modest. Downloading a client program is a snap and there are many customized servers out there that offer varying and challenging game experiences.

2. Gunrox

This is a turn-based squad combat game. Players outfit their squads of three soldiers with a variety of weapons to suit their taste, play style, and tactical objectives. Games can be one-on-one, team based, or free-for-all. Your soldiers earn experience with progress on the battlefield which gives them access to improved stats, new skills, and more impressive gear. It’s simple to learn while allowing players to exercise tactical creativity as well.

3. Champions Online Free-For-All

A superhero themed MMORPG, this game features a very detailed and fleshed out world. The PvE missions are extensive. There is also a PvP arena for players who want opponents with the initiative and skill only live players can provide. Character customization is deep. You can spend hours tweaking every facet of your character’s appearance till it’s just what you want – literally right down to the soles of their boots. It’s a kick to fly over the city and thwart a bank robbery.

4. Global Agenda – Free Agent

This game is a well-reviewed sci-fi shooter. Four character classes of power armored, rocket pack wearing, heavily armed agents form teams and duke it out. Each class has a solid use and adds effectively to a team. The class abilities are varied and unique. The PvP games are timed and have definite objectives above and beyond the old “flag capture.” A particularly interesting aspect of this game is its implementation of a melee combat system. In many cases a player can be more effective sneaking up behind an opponent and hitting him with a melee weapon than by shooting him. With players rocketing around through the air, throwing grenades, shooting each other and fighting to achieve mission objectives the combat is lively and has just the right amount of chaos.

5. Outspark: Fiesta

Swords and sorcery more your style? This streamlined MMORPG may be for you. It’s simple to play and lets you take characters of five classes through over 100 levels of advancement. There are mages, healers, tanks, archers and brawlers to choose from. Equipment crafting plays an important role giving players a great deal of control over how effective their equipment becomes. Team play and clans are the norm. Helpful players abound, giving out buffs to passing players just for the asking.

6. World of Tanks

Ever wanted to commute in a vehicle that would just crush the traffic ahead of you like a monster truck – with a cannon on top? World of Tanks is a World War II tank simulation with historically accurate vehicles from the American, Russian and German tank fleets. Players begin their career with entry level vehicles and earn experience with which to get improved gear, vehicles and crew. The game includes a huge library of play maps, dozens of vehicles for each country, and focuses on team play. A clan war option is well implemented allowing for battles to control Europe.

7. League of Legends

Players choose a champion from a stable of dozens of fantasy characters to lead a battle against their opponents. The goal is to reach your opponents base and destroy it. Automated minions are spawned by both teams. Players user their champions to fight alongside the minions to press the battle closer to the enemy bases. Combat and side quests give experience and money to improve skills and gear, increasing the power of your champion. Games can be played solo by using AI controlled champions as opponents, or against live players in matches of up to 5 vs. 5 players.

8. Flash Games

Several web sites offer dozens or hundreds of easy-to-play web-browser based games for free. You can find puzzle games, action games, elementary shooters and more. Most of these games are single player and lend themselves well to light gaming where you can have fun but walk away from the game at a moment’s notice without feeling you’ve given anything up.

Most of these games have options for a player to donate to the developer or to buy additional content. The base games on this list are all free to play and all provide excellent gaming experiences. Happy gaming!