5 Original Wii Issues that Weren’t Addressed with the Nintendo Wii U

5 Original Wii Issues that Weren't Addressed with the Nintendo Wii U

Unlike the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii hasn’t aged well and in what many are believing to be a desperate move, Nintendo is working on the 2019 release of their latest console, the Nintendo Wii U. The new Nintendo console appears to be cool and innovative, but there are way too many unaddressed issues with the new Wii U that were inherited from its predecessor.

It Won’t Appeal to Hardcore Gamers

The original Wii caught lots of backlash in the gaming community because it seemed to only cater to casual gamers and had little to nothing to offer to hardcore dedicated gamers. The “U” seems to have the same problem as it’s still a bit too “gimmicky” and it’s very hard to imagine hardcore gamers playing a first-person shooter, RPG, strategy, or action game on the bulky controller of Nintendo’s new gaming console. This is where online platforms such as Baba Poker 88 are much ahead of Nintendo no matter what updates and features you get with Nintendo. 

Limited Media Capabilities

Early adopters that sprung into gaming and retail stores to purchase the original Wii were quite a bit bummed when they discovered that their new gaming console didn’t support disc media other than games — unlike the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 — and although this was such a major issue on the original, the new U console has done nothing to remedy this issue. It’s hard to believe that in this generation of entertainment when DVD and Blu-Ray disks are flying off of store shelves that the new Nintendo Wii U won’t support either video format and will likely only take advantage of streaming services like Hulu or Netflix.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is an important feature of any gaming system and while Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network have worked to show the true gaming capabilities of their respective consoles, but the Nintendo Wii and U are still designed to work with Nintendo’s inferior online gaming system. Sure, Nintendo’s online gaming service is free, but lots of fans would rather opt for better service or have an option to at least pay for better service than the one that’s provided at the moment.


The new Wii U gaming console sports better graphics, more storage space, a faster processor, and can now output to 1080p so it would seem that Nintendo addressed the issue of graphics — but for how long. The graphic specs of Nintendo’s new console are comparable to current-gen systems like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and as HDTV technology advances and Sony and Microsoft release their next-generation consoles, the Nintendo Wii U’s graphics will appear equally as inferior as the original.

Third-Party Support

Innovative consoles like the Xbox Kinect, PlayStation Move, Nintendo Wii, and now the “U” all rely on one important factor to make their “magical” machines come to life; third party support. It means nothing at all to have the most futuristic system imaginable if developers can do nothing with it at all [think Kinect] and seeing how the original Wii “bombed” it’s hard to imagine third party developers shoveling out hundreds of millions of dollars to develop the games needed to make the Wii U a smashing success.

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