8 Great Free-To-Play Online Video Games

8 Great Free-To-Play Online Video Games

When money is tight it becomes more important than every to seek the best value for your dollar. If you’re a video game enthusiast it can be a challenge. Games can be expensive to buy and they may have expensive monthly subscription fees. Budget conscious people still want a high quality gaming experience, but it can be tough to find suitable games. Take heart! There are plenty of terrific free games for you to play.

Domino 99 is one of those fascinating games you must try. But if it’s doesn’t fit your preference, then check these options today:

1. Continuum

This top-down shooter lets you take control of a spaceship and fly around multi-player maps blasting opponents into space dust. The variety of ships and abilities is good. Control is smooth and the hardware requirements are modest. Downloading a client program is a snap and there are many customized servers out there that offer varying and challenging game experiences.

2. Gunrox

This is a turn-based squad combat game. Players outfit their squads of three soldiers with a variety of weapons to suit their taste, play style, and tactical objectives. Games can be one-on-one, team based, or free-for-all. Your soldiers earn experience with progress on the battlefield which gives them access to improved stats, new skills, and more impressive gear. It’s simple to learn while allowing players to exercise tactical creativity as well.

3. Champions Online Free-For-All

A superhero themed MMORPG, this game features a very detailed and fleshed out world. The PvE missions are extensive. There is also a PvP arena for players who want opponents with the initiative and skill only live players can provide. Character customization is deep. You can spend hours tweaking every facet of your character’s appearance till it’s just what you want – literally right down to the soles of their boots. It’s a kick to fly over the city and thwart a bank robbery.

4. Global Agenda – Free Agent

This game is a well-reviewed sci-fi shooter. Four character classes of power armored, rocket pack wearing, heavily armed agents form teams and duke it out. Each class has a solid use and adds effectively to a team. The class abilities are varied and unique. The PvP games are timed and have definite objectives above and beyond the old “flag capture.” A particularly interesting aspect of this game is its implementation of a melee combat system. In many cases a player can be more effective sneaking up behind an opponent and hitting him with a melee weapon than by shooting him. With players rocketing around through the air, throwing grenades, shooting each other and fighting to achieve mission objectives the combat is lively and has just the right amount of chaos.

5. Outspark: Fiesta

Swords and sorcery more your style? This streamlined MMORPG may be for you. It’s simple to play and lets you take characters of five classes through over 100 levels of advancement. There are mages, healers, tanks, archers and brawlers to choose from. Equipment crafting plays an important role giving players a great deal of control over how effective their equipment becomes. Team play and clans are the norm. Helpful players abound, giving out buffs to passing players just for the asking.

6. World of Tanks

Ever wanted to commute in a vehicle that would just crush the traffic ahead of you like a monster truck – with a cannon on top? World of Tanks is a World War II tank simulation with historically accurate vehicles from the American, Russian and German tank fleets. Players begin their career with entry level vehicles and earn experience with which to get improved gear, vehicles and crew. The game includes a huge library of play maps, dozens of vehicles for each country, and focuses on team play. A clan war option is well implemented allowing for battles to control Europe.

7. League of Legends

Players choose a champion from a stable of dozens of fantasy characters to lead a battle against their opponents. The goal is to reach your opponents base and destroy it. Automated minions are spawned by both teams. Players user their champions to fight alongside the minions to press the battle closer to the enemy bases. Combat and side quests give experience and money to improve skills and gear, increasing the power of your champion. Games can be played solo by using AI controlled champions as opponents, or against live players in matches of up to 5 vs. 5 players.

8. Flash Games

Several web sites offer dozens or hundreds of easy-to-play web-browser based games for free. You can find puzzle games, action games, elementary shooters and more. Most of these games are single player and lend themselves well to light gaming where you can have fun but walk away from the game at a moment’s notice without feeling you’ve given anything up.

Most of these games have options for a player to donate to the developer or to buy additional content. The base games on this list are all free to play and all provide excellent gaming experiences. Happy gaming!

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