Casino Buffet Myths

Casino Buffet Myths

Whether you’ve been to a casino or not, there are probably some myths you’ve heard about casino buffets. It wouldn’t take more than a visit to casino online Indonesia to know many of these myths and the reality behind them as well.  A few years ago, I worked in a casino buffet restaurant. While working there, I learned several interesting pieces of information.

Casino Buffet Myths: They All Cost $0.99

Long, long ago, casino buffets did cost $0.99. It was a way to entice people to come to Las Vegas, even if they didn’t like to gamble. But, this is a thing of the past. Even in Las Vegas it’s hard to find casino buffets that haven’t become more upscale. The casino buffet I worked for charges $11 for lunch and anywhere from $15 to $24 for supper, depending on the day of the week and what is being served.

Casino Buffet Myths: They Only Serve Cheap Foods

This myth was probably true back when casino buffets only changed $0.99. But, casino buffets are now filled with many upscale dishes ranging from prime rib to wild salmon. You aren’t going to be stuck eating old macaroni and cheese or meat that is unidentifiable.

Casino Buffet Myths: You Can Get a Free Meal

This myth is true. If you gamble, it pays to get a rewards card. As you play, points will add up and then you can trade those points in on things like free meals. This is a way to thank players for coming and playing. Even if you lose, you’re still winning.

Casino Buffet Myths: The Choices Are Limited

This myth is false. Many casino buffets are actually quite large and have many, many bars. In fact, the casino buffet I worked for had a meat carving station that featured everything from prime rib to turkey. They also had a seafood bar and bars that contained Italian, Chinese, and other regional foods. Their dessert bar was also around 15 to 20 feet long.

Casino Buffet Myths: Everything Is Full of Fat

This myth is also false. Casino buffets now offer several low fat options. You can find everything from grilled chicken to fresh seafood and of course salads. You will even find sugar free desserts. If you’re worried about your fat and sugar intake, you’ll still be able to enjoy a casino buffet.

Casino Buffet Myths: The Food Isn’t Fresh

This myth is false. You will find that food gets changed after a specified amount of time. No longer does food sit around until it is eaten. If the food has sat there for a specified amount of time, it will be pulled, even if none of the dish has been eaten.

Casino Buffet Myths: Nothing Is Homemade

This myth is also false. The restaurant I worked for made almost everything from scratch. Many of their desserts were homemade. Their main dishes were freshly prepared. This casino buffet, and many others, even has stations where you can watch the food being freshly prepared.

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