CentSports: It’s Not Gambling when It’s Someone Else’s Money

CentSports: It's Not Gambling when It's Someone Else's Money

People like to make money. Gambling is attractive in that you could easily make lots of money. The one downside is that you could very easily lose lots of money, too. I found a very easy way to get around this: Bet with someone else’s money.

This has always been right up my alley as I consider gambling my very life where you win some and lose some that holds true in my case as well as I can’t go without a nice round of Judi Slot Online.

That’s the idea behind Centsports. You’re given 10Æ’†'” ‘” ‘” ‘” ”’Æ’†'” ‘” ””Æ”’¢ by advertisers. You can bet any or all of it on various sporting events, such as baseball, basketball and hockey. If you can refer people, you get a bonus based on their winnings. If you’re good enough to reach $20, they may even let you cash out.

You’re probably wondering how this is possible. Isn’t online sports gambling illegal in the United States? Well, yes, but this isn’t really gambling. To gamble implies that you might lose something that you have. Since you can’t put up your own money, there’s no real threat of losing your money. In fact, if you lose your initial 10Æ’†'” ‘” ‘” ‘” ”’Æ’†'” ‘” ””Æ”’¢, you’re given another 10Æ’†'” ‘” ‘” ‘” ”’Æ’†'” ‘” ””Æ”’¢. Thus, you can keep playing as long as there are sporting events to bet on.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I’ll explain how this works. As I said, you start with a dime. There’s a link up at the top of the page that says “place a bet”. When you click on this, you’re taken to a page with all of the games coming up in the next 24 hours. You can click on one or more events, which will be listed on the right side of your screen. (You can place a single event or a parlay bet of up to five events.)

There are three kinds of bet: Moneyline, spread or totals. Moneyline is a simple win or loss; you’re betting on which team or person you think will win. Spread is basically moneyline on a curve. If the event is using points, like an NBA game, you’re betting on how much a team can win or lose by. (This isn’t available for something like tennis, as tennis is strictly win or loss.) If you’re given a team +15, this means that if adding 15 points to their score would cause them to win, you’d win the bet. Likewise, -15 means that if you subtract 15 and they’d still win, you’d win the bet. Totals is simply the combines score for any game where score is kept. If the totals is 189 for a basketball game, you’re betting the combined score being over or under 189. With most games, you can push. This means that if the final total actually is 189, you get your money back. (This isn’t the case with all sports.)

For those wondering about the + and – numbers by the names and scores, that’s telling you how much you can win. A + indicates how much you’ll win if you bet $100. A – indicates how much you’d need to bet to win $100. So, if you see “Joe Smith +250”, this means that a winning bet of $1 will get you your dollar back plus $2.50. “Joe Smith -250” means that a winning bet of $2.50 will get you your $2.50 back plus a dollar.

The maximum bet is either the amount of money you have left or the amount of money it would take to win $10. For your first bet after getting 10Æ’†'” ‘” ‘” ‘” ”’Æ’†'” ‘” ””Æ”’¢, this will most likely be 10Æ’†'” ‘” ‘” ‘” ”’Æ’†'” ‘” ””Æ”’¢ unless you bet on five long shots. If you’re betting on something that’s +1000 and you have, say, $25, your max bet will be $1 regardless.

Let’s say you want some more money; there are two ways you can do it. One is to refer people. You get a code, like http://www.centsports.com/ref/679889/Brian_K, which you can put in your email signature or on your website. Everyone I refer gets me 5% of their winnings. (Referrals get to keep all of their winnings; losses don’t count against your bonus.) The other way is to complete offers, like signing up for stuff. You’ve probably seen these on other sites. Some are easy while others are more difficult.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the point of all this is. Can you cash out? Yes. When you reach $20, you’re put into brackets depending on how much you have. The site states that they may not have the money to cover all of the accounts cashing out, so they’ll allow you to cash out a percentage. If you have $20, you’ll probably be allowed to cash out all of it. If you have in the thousands, you may only be allowed to cash out a few hundred. There’s a formula used to rank people based on factors like how much and how often you bet and how risky the bet was.

I’ve never gotten high enough to cash out. I did have a referral that made it past $20, but he ended up giving it all back. Right now, it’s more like a fantasy betting game for me. I like to place bets, but I’m not in a position where I can really afford to. That’s who I’d recommend this site to. If you like placing bets, but don’t want to risk your own money, sign up. And if you don’t mind, please use the URL above. I could use the referrals.

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