Free Poker Community

Free Poker Community

If you like to play poker, but you do not want to have to deposit any of your money to play,

then you can go play free poker at Pkv Games.

This is a fast-growing free poker community that is open to players around the world.

One of the best things about this free poker site is the fact that you can be apart of a poker team,

and you can even start your own team.

If you do register as a player, they give you 500 FatChips that you will use to start playing on the

poker tables, but if you do lose all your FatChips than you will have to earn more. Earning FatChips is easy, you can get 200 just to log into your account on the main site, and they have other ways that you can get more FatChips.

If you are new to poker then this site is a good opportunity to learn.

The poker staff is always willing to help, and if you ever need to ask a question than the staff members are easy to find,

because they are also the poker players that you will be playing with at the tables. They are involved in the poker teams

and poker games just as much as any other player on the site.

They must love there job!

In order to play at the poker tables, you will have to download the PokerFatCat software, and it is free.

Then you can start playing the games, and have the chance to be apart of this poker community,

and to win free prizes as you stay in the comfort of your own home.

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