Imperial Palace Poker Room Features Some of Las Vegas’ Weakest Players

Imperial Palace Poker Room Features Some of Las Vegas' Weakest Players

With every other casino in Las Vegas catching the modern trend and moving its services into the 21st century, there is one casino that seems content to stay in the 1970s. At the Imperial Palace, the poker room looks like something that you might see in an old movie about Las Vegas. Though old, smoky, dark, and pretty dull, this poker room did have some quality play. Amazingly, they seem to attract a nice influx of young and old players. The nice poker room rate was what lured me in. If only they could update the amenities, the place could be one of Las Vegas’ finest establishments. Still, it made for some good times at the tables.

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Much of the dark atmosphere has to do with this poker room’s location. It was moved last year and now sits near the main entrance to the casino. This means that the ambiance from the old-time casino rubs off on the poker room. Keeping with the ultra-retroactive theme, this poker room seems numb to the fact that television quality has improved. They have televisions, but not the flat, plasma type that you could enjoy at many places on the Strip.

If it’s so retro, then why would I tell you to go there? The answer is simple. The players there are just terrible. This is because they come into the poker room before they venture into the main casino. The majority of these players have never played poker before and it really shows. Sometimes, the play can be so weak that advanced players have a hard time winning. The sheer ineptitude of the players at this poker room is often time hard to compensate for. This is why many of the really big sharks stay away from the Imperial Palace. If you are an average player looking to make some money, it is right up your alley, though. Stick to the $1/$2 no-limit game and perhaps deviate into the $2/$4 limit game in order to capitalize for the most cash.

The cocktail waitresses at the Imperial Palace are another reason to keep coming back for more. They look good and they serve drinks that are better than their looks. I was never without a drink when I needed one. Since they moved their poker room, this part of their service has improved dramatically. While the Imperial Palace doesn’t serve the top-shelf liquor of the Bellagio or Wynn, they do make some pretty good drinks.

If you are looking for some of the weakest players in all of Las Vegas, then head to the Imperial Palace. If you play a solid game and don’t outthink yourself, it’s an easy room to dominate.

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