Keno Strategies For Betting Gaming Guides

Keno Strategies For Betting Gaming Guides

Let’s start with some straight talk: The numbers that you get in keno are pure luck. No strategy will change these numbers, although a little practice on poker online terpercaya is quite beneficial for amateurs. Therefore, when you’re looking for strategies that will help you win more, you need to focus on is keno strategies for betting. Here are several keno strategies for betting.


Some people hop from one table or machine to the next, hoping to find one that works. Your odds increase, though, if you find a table that seems to pay well and stay there. Remember that the chances of you hitting a jackpot increase the longer you keep playing. But that’s only true if you stay at the same table or machine. As soon as you move to another, the odds have to start “building up” all over again.


As you or others play, notice what the hot numbers there are. Hot numbers are those which seem to be drawn time and time again. This practice of betting hot numbers is often called “chasing the pack.” Many professional gamers have observed the very real phenomenon of “winning streaks” and “losing streaks.” Let’s use a simple illustration: dice. You would think that if you roll a die six times, the odds would say that you would get a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, all coming up once. However, in actual practice, this rarely happens. In actual practice, one number usually shows up multiple times–even though each number has a one in six chance of coming up. The same happens in other games of chance, including keno. The key is to bet on “hot numbers” before the winning streak is about to come to an end.


This, in essence, is the opposite of the “hot number” bet. Watch the game for a few rounds and decide which numbers are hardly coming up at all. The stray-number strategy says that sooner or later, those numbers are found to show up. And indeed, to even the odds, this is very sound logic. Using the illustration of the die again, if you roll 20 times and a 4 has never shown up, you know that eventually that 4 must be rolled.


This is probably the strategy used most by regular keno players. The player has his numbers already selected, which he considers his “lucky numbers.” he chooses how many numbers to play and which to bet on. This player knows that eventually, his numbers are going to be drawn, so he sticks it out. Many seasoned keno players swear that this method works best–although logic would seem to suggest that either the “hot number” or “strays” method should work better.


Keep in mind that no strategy will change the fact that keno is all about luck. Although the game is easy to play, it’s hard to win. Sometimes you might play your numbers in 100 games and not win. But then, on that one lucky streak, you might just win $500 on the first draw.

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