Legend Of Olympus Online Games – Know about the popular games

Legend Of Olympus Online Games – Know about the popular games

Greek mythology has always been an inspiration to many games and movies, with lots of intrigue and thrill to entertain everyone. Although not really original, Microgaming brings you Legend of Olympus online pokies game, inspired by the popular theme. The game is set out on the mountains, where on one side you see Zeus, the king of the Gods, with a beautiful terrain behind him and on the other side is Hades, the king of the underworld, while a steaming volcano is threatening to erupt on his side of the screen. During the game both figures cheer you on as you play, hoping that you’ll win the war for them.

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The game is done beautifully, the high quality of the graphics and the great background music pull you in immediately, making Legend of Olympus one of the most entertaining online Aussie games. If you’re not sure you want to spend money while playing this game, you can always check out the free online version before you move on to the serious stuff.

Game’s Info

This online pokies games has 5 reels and 20 available paylines, bringing the total amount of coins you can win up to 20,000. The game features all the Greek related symbols you can think of – a winged helmet, a spear, a shield and a golden goblet. Then you have the higher value symbols, represented by the Greek Gods themselves – Poseidon, Ares, Aphrodite and Zeus. In order to make some money on any activated payline, the symbols have to appear in combinations of three or more, from the left reel to the right.

Every time you hit a winning combination, the symbol comes to life, accompanied by its own individual sound playing in the background. There’s also the wild symbol represented by Hades himself. The wild substitutes for all symbols except for the icons that award you with bonuses. As you play, you can choose the Autospin option, sit back and enjoy the show.

Bonuses and Special Features

If you play casino games online for real money, Legend of Olympus has some great options to boost your winnings. First of all, when you win even the smallest amount of coins you can hit the gamble button and play a short game that can add to your winnings. All you have to do is to pick a colour – black or red – and hope that the card that appears on your screen matches your choice. If so, you can keep on guessing and increasing your winnings. You can also quit at any moment you’d like, and keep all the money you’ve won.

Furthermore, you have 2 great bonus features. The first one is represented by Zeus, awarding you with free spins as you get at least three of these on you reels. You also have the bonus game; as you get 3 or more golden coins on your screen you set out on a short journey down a mysterious river, where you get the option to choose one of three chests. Each one has a different prize in it, awarding you with up to 10,000 coins. All these available prizes make Legend of Olympus into a lucrative and exciting game.

In Conclusion

When looking for an online gambling game that will both provide you with a thrilling adventure and be worth your while, Legend of Olympus is a great choice. With a great theme, superb design and lots of ways to win, each and every one of the pokies lovers has to try this game out. The game is available online for these who choose to play for real money and for these who are interested in having the full experience without spending a dime, allowing you to delve into the game and decide whether you want to spend money while playing in it. All in all, you can set out on an amazing journey by making a few clicks and take part in the everlasting war between the Gods!

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