Sports Betting A Moral Issue?

Sports Betting A Moral Issue?

Apparently a lot of people have a problem when it comes to sports betting. It’s looked upon as some sort of immoral behavior or immature behavior. Although I believe everyone deserves to have their own opinion on this, I am obligated to express mine.

First and foremost sports betting and stock/forex trading are almost identical. But somehow you don’t feel the same “love” when someone calls you a gambler, compared to when someone says “Oh he is a forex/stock trader”! If you come from a religious family like me, makes you wanna hide your face and always stay in the shadows of what you do and why you do it.

But let me ask you this, how many times have you seen anyone go to a person smoking outside, and tell them “You are a smoker, that’s immoral and wrong”. I doubt you will ever see that, yet cigarettes kill thousands. Add alcohol there as well and you see where I am going with this don’t you. Why and how something like sports betting that will not hurt you physically then be considered immoral and wrong.

My answer is: the problem does not rely in sports betting, but in the majority of people that represent it. When you say the magic word “gambling” the first thing that probably comes to anyone’s mind is some picture of a guy from a movie that’s in a huge debt and wagers every penny he’s got. You never see on the TV the successful,professional bettor do you?

This goes for the forex/stock market as well, back in the days when I was studying a course and learning all about it. Whenever I mentioned in front of family and friend, what I am planning to do, involved with the market, all they could say was “be careful I HEARD you can lose a lot of money”. Notice the word HEARD! I am positive that most people that have negative opinion on this subject, HEARD from somewhere, and then made it their BELIEF.

I am a very mathematical person, and I believe in statistics and analysis. A math hypothesis is defined as : a proposal intended to explain certain facts or observations! What most people that have no idea about sports betting are making here is a hypothesis that “all sports bettors lose money” “all sports bettors gamble” and “sports betting is about luck”.

Now I hope I am not making this too hard to understand, but a hypothesis is considered wrong if there’s even one situation that proves it wrong. Now you can simply search around for professional successful traders and sports bettors! I am sure you will definitely find more than one, thus making that nonsense above totally wrong.

So now that we know that this is a business just like any other, that relies on a lot of work and investments and not just luck, does it seem as an immoral thing to do for living? I guess that up to every one of you to decide. As for me I find it perfectly normal. Society is a funny thing! People can accept something as lethal as drugs,smoking and drinking, but in the same time go all religious and moral over something as sports betting.

People’s opinion is not a fact, always remember that. It’s what it is, just an opinion. Even if this world has never ever seen a successful sports bettors, you can always be the first one!

All you need to do is to put in sincere efforts and hard work to achieve your goals and when the field is as complex and diverse as sports, then get ready to endure taunts and rejections from all sides right from family to distant relatives there is nothing more compelling than both teams to score tips to either keep you going or dash your hopes.

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