What Stops Me From Making A Living With Sports Betting?

What Stops Me From Making A Living With Sports Betting?

Are you making a living with sports betting? If you aren’t then perhaps you should ask yourself the question “What stops me from making a living with sports betting?“. If you are tempted to answer “I am just not getting the games right” you are probably wrong. Almost all of the time, this is not the case although people will tell you otherwise. 

I have discussed in another article that you can be profitable with even 30% success rate as long as you risk-reward ration is big enough. So stop blaming your games or your predictions, because they are not the problem.”If they are not the problem what is the problem?” you might ask. That’s what we are going to find out. I will show you an example of how to analyze your bets to find the core of the problem. 




I am not going to be making a living with sports betting for a major reason: lack of discipline. Looking over my past bets, I have realized that I cannot take emotions out of the game. As soon as I make decent amount of profit, I rush to stake it all, or at least a major part of it. This is the exact opposite of what I have been talking about, the whole risk “no more than 1%-2% of your total” speech. 

Another reason why I fail, is because I do not always check my risk-reward ratio and end up with something insignificantly small and not worth playing. Do you see now how easy is to find your problem(s). If you feel like you can’t change them, then it’s better to face reality and understand that you will never make a living with sports betting! I do not want to discourage you, but let’s face it, you cannot miss any of the important qualities for being successful in this business. 

I have discussed numerous times that you have to posses, discipline,money management, some basic logic and math from Sbobet online play because all of these games are made using the computer algorithms system which is all designed according to the math basics of probability; that always makes the result outcome through the generation of random number. Look at me for example, I was always good at math, and analysis, I am sure with some work I can get the money management aspect out of my way, but it’s my discipline that I just cannot change. This is why I actually stopped dealing with Foreign Exchange Market, and Sports Betting. 



So be honest with yourself, and get to the bottom of your problem. If you feel like you can fix it, great go ahead and work on it, if you feel like you can’t then just be a casual gambler and don’t get your hopes up for something more. Don’t fall in denial, thinking that you can outsmart the system and that you know better. You will just get yourself in debt, and that hole is like a quick sand, the more you gamble the deeper you get in. 

Hopefully I have helped you if not find, at least think about what can be stopping you from making a living with sports betting. As long as you are willing to change and work on the problems, you will get what you want. Good luck to all of your sports bettors. 

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