Which Casinos are Worth Visiting in Las Vegas

Which Casinos are Worth Visiting in Las Vegas

Vegas! Who wouldn’t know about Las Vegas? With its unending parties, entertainment, buffets and gambling, the place would really stand out! Even movies portray Vegas as a perfect place for the rich yet bored people.

When you’re a first timer of the place, you’d be mesmerized by the glitz and glamour that can be seen everywhere. People chatting, gambling, shopping, and everything you could think of. However, if you’re in Vegas for the gambling, then perfect! Below are the Casinos that I would recommend visiting as they are one of the greatest places to visit.

  • Golden Nugget

One of the swankiest casinos downtown, Golden Nugget. With their different varieties of table games, you wouldn’t even experience any boredom. If you prefer different kinds of Casino games to play by the night, then the place is perfect for you. You can either play poker online and go to BlackJack when you get bored of it.

Golden Nugget also has a cool gimmick where they extend their tables outside by the pool; What’s even better than that? Drinks, casino, and pool — all in one place!

  • The Cosmopolitan

If you’re one of the people who likes gambling and food, then this is the right place for you. Epicures would enjoy staying here for quite a while as they offer a lot of collections of eateries from well-known chefs. From the spanish-style food by Jose Andres to different recipes of Chris Santos, and wait there’s more! After all the partying, drinking, and gambling, nothing is better than New York-style from Secret Pizza.

This Casino resort is also a place where you can find The Chandelier. It is a bar where you can find the one and only Mariena Mercer, a mixology witch that brags about modern twists on classic cocktails and drinks.

Las Vegas is sure is a great city. You can do whatever you wish to do here. But will all the fun and glamour, know that they do come with a price. Always be responsible with everything you do and keep safe!

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