Why You Should Record Your Boxing Workout?

Why You Should Record Your Boxing Workout?

Many a times you will see that, boxers record their own training or match sessions and check them afterwards. Doesn’t it feel a bit weird? Well, a lot of people may find it weird, but boxers know that it is a really important thing that they are doing. But why is it so? Let us have a look at why you should record your boxing workout and check it later.

Why should you record your training session?

The very first reason to record your training session is to check how well you performed and what are the mistakes that you have made. Just like you read a text book to know more about the subject, similarly watching your own training video will allow you to understand the faults in your practice. Thus allowing you to keep a note of them and later, improve those faults easily.

Many people also watch their own videos to observe how you reacted to certain movements and reactions that you gave during a match. Some of them maybe really horrible while some might be worth an applause. That is why, if you want to improve your game or reaction timing, there will be nothing better than watching your own video.

Have you heard the saying? You learn from your own mistakes? Well, that is 100% true in terms of boxing. This is because, regardless of how well the coach is, without analyzing your mistakes and difficulties you will not be able to get a better efficiency during real matches and tournaments. You need to see and check all that yourself.

Recording training sessions keeps you motivated for a long time. Whenever you look back at an old video, you’ll see how you have improved over time and that keeps you inspired a lot.

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