All About The Use Of Wii Fit Plus

All About The Use Of Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus is a fun way to sweat off a few pounds. I should know, as it has helped me shed about 40 pounds, so I can vouch for its effectiveness.

Graphics and Audio-20

The game is cute, that’s for sure! If you’re into the whole cutesy thing, Wii Fit is great. That being said, the graphics can get a little fuzzy sometimes. I have a fairly nice television (720p), and it can look like there are some stuck pixels at times, which doesn’t happen on my other games, or while I am watching TV. The audio is fairly good, you definitely don’t have to worry about it being loud enough! The only qualm that I have is that sometimes the audio is off from the actions on the screen, but this is rare, so never a big problem.


Wii Fit Plus’s gameplay is engaging and fun. In the game you get to choose between Yoga, Strength, Cardio, Balance, and new Wii Fit Plus exercises. Each of these categories has a variety of activities ranging from easy to hard, you unlock the harder exercises as you master the easy ones. There are a few irritating issues, however. One issue is that the new games added to Wii Fit Plus are under their own menu instead of sorted into the actual categories. This was probably done for aesthetic reasons so that the screens wouldn’t be crowded, but it is irritating that they are not properly sorted. Another issue is that although there is a routine option now, it’s not nearly what it could be. You have to combine what areas you want to work on, then leave it up to the game to choose the exercises, and it always chooses the least strenuous exercises. The routines also only last from 7-15 minutes. It would be very convenient if they could be 30 minutes so that it would easier to get the recommended exercise in per day.


Wii Fit was the first of its kind, and Wii Fit Plus follows in this vein. As always, the activities are unique and engaging, and there is plenty of variety to choose from Slot Online Terpercaya according to your preference and budget. It helps the customer to know about the benefits of using such kind of equipment. The use of the Wii Remote, Nunchuck, and Balance Board allows for further innovation, and expands the gameplay. The combination of these three peripherals track your movements and can evaluate them, providing you with feedback, and although some other fitness games do this now, the Wii Fit line was the first.


This game is fun for all ages! Due to the variety of exercises it includes, even the pickiest of gamers can find something they like. The cute visuals combined with the creativity of the game combine to create an innovative product that will surely be appreciated by all.

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