April Showers Birthday Party Theme

April Showers Birthday Party Theme

April is a great month to have a birthday. Despite the proverbial rain showers, April is often the beginning of spring and warmer weather, budding plants, and longer days. An April Showers birthday party theme is a great theme for a variety of ages. If your child has an April birthday consider using this April Showers birthday party theme. Previously, I have used casinonightdenver.com to find inspiration for parties with my friends but since this one had to be a birthday party, I was looking for more sober themes. 

Decorations. Decorations for an April Showers birthday party theme should reflect the idea of rain. For example, raindrops could be cut from papers in various shades of blue and hung from the ceiling to give the effect of an “April shower” falling during the birthday party. Blue paper products (plates, cups, etc) should be used as well as blue balloons, tablecloths, and streamers. A few pretty glass containers filled with water dyed blue using food coloring make a great centerpiece for the food or cake table as well. Decorations for an April Showers birthday party theme are easy to assemble and easy on the wallet.

Food. The food for an April Showers birthday party theme should also be based in the color blue. A blueberry salad made with gelatin and fresh blueberries is a great addition. Blue corn chips with salsa are another great April showers food. Consider making some blue punch and make sure to purchase little drink umbrellas to place in the cups. The cake could be one large raindrop (just cut it from a sheet cake), decorated with simple blue-dyed icing. Or, you could create raindrop cupcakes by simply shaping raindrop sugar cookies, icing them, and topping the cupcakes with the cookies.

Favors. Favors for an April Showers birthday party don’t have to break the bank. Inexpensive umbrellas, often available at dollar stores, make great favors for this fun Spring birthday party theme. Or, put together a little bag of goodies that includes a disposable poncho, blue candy or gum, and a blue drink box or bottle. Print off some “rainy day activities” from the computer to really top off a great April Showers birthday party favor bag.

Games and Activities. To start your April Showers birthday party off right, create a playlist of great “rain” songs. “Singing in the Rain,” “Blame it on the Rain,” and “Kentucky Rain” are just a few examples. Water-based activities, that aren’t too messy since you will likely be indoors, are perfect for an April Showers themed birthday party. Consider making an ocean in a bottle by filling a bottle with half blue-colored water and vegetable half oil. Leave a little room for motion and add some glitter for a fun effect. Seal the top and all of the guests have an “ocean in a bottle” to take home. You could purchase “paint with water” pages for younger party-goers and watercolor paints for older ones as well.

April is a great month to have a birthday. Embrace the proverbial April Showers by creating a cute and unique April Showers birthday party theme for your child.

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