Here is to Having Some Good Luck at Hollywood Casino in Aurora, Ill.

Have you missed Vegas lately? Are you looking for some loose slots and Video Poker action, but don’t feel like being stranded at O’Hare airport to spend the weekend in Atlantic City? I know the feeling. While it doesn’t quiet come close to the MGM on the Vegas Strip, Hollywood Casino in Aurora, Ill. fits with the suburban charms of its surroundings. Located in downtown Aurora, across the street from

Casino Buffet Myths

Whether you’ve been to a casino or not, there are probably some myths you’ve heard about casino buffets. It wouldn’t take more than a visit to casino online Indonesia to know many of these myths and the reality behind them as well.  A few years ago, I worked in a casino buffet restaurant. While working there, I learned several interesting pieces of information. Casino Buffet Myths: They All Cost $0.99

The Best Of Daytime Tourism In Las Vegas

Not everyone who goes to Vegas wishes to be immerse in the nighclubs, blackjack tables, and smoke-filled poker rooms 24/7 in poker qq online to have a tremendous gameplay for their favorite gambling games with the account validation for the betting consequences. Of course thousands of families and visitors travel to Vegas just to admire the night lights and little else; so what IS there to do in Las Vegas besides gambling during the daytime? As someone who lived

Wonderful Gift Ideas For A Poker Player Today

Do you know someone who loves poker with the heat of a thousand suns? Clues to this type of predilection follow: They moan the names ‘Ivey’ and ‘Helmuth’ in their sleep; they greet people in the store with words like, “Brutal beat last thursday, Mark.” instead of “Hey, how ya doin?”; and their computer screen-saver shuffles every couple of minutes. And it seems hard to find the best gifts for

World Of Warcraft Hunter Pets

WoW Hunter Pets are what makes hunters unique in World of Warcraft. Whether you play a Beast Mastery Hunter or one specialized in Marksmanship or Survival, the choice of which pet is the best for you is crucial. Your choice of companion will likely have a larger impact on your success in leveling, particularly if you primarily solo, than your gear does. Pets, like toons in WoW, have roles. There

Book Review - Phil Gordon's Little Green Book: Lessons And Teachings In No-Limit Texas Hold'Em

With Poker still as popular as ever, there is an ample supply of books on the subject. These books are written by both pros and those who think they are pros. With all of the information out there it can be confusing to someone who is looking for which book will help them with their poker playing. So, what is the answer? Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book should be in

Poker: How Not to Play a Flopped Set

Last week I won a seat in the PokerStars $1 Million Dollar Guaranteed No Limit Texas Hold Em tournament. I sat down and promptly played the best round of Poker I have ever played until this hand. I was at a fairly weak tight table and had been building my chipstack by stealing from the two monster stacks to my left. I had watched them miracle limp into the huge

Tips on Setting Up Your Home Poker Game

Anyone who has taken the time to learn the game of poker will eventually try to start up their own home game with their friends. Unfortunately, this is often a very difficult thing to set up, as there’s a lot more to it than a deck of cards and some beers. On, there is a whole community of players trying to make a strategy for playing the game and

April Showers Birthday Party Theme

April is a great month to have a birthday. Despite the proverbial rain showers, April is often the beginning of spring and warmer weather, budding plants, and longer days. An April Showers birthday party theme is a great theme for a variety of ages. If your child has an April birthday consider using this April Showers birthday party theme. Previously, I have used to find inspiration for parties with

Memorial Day Salute

The red, white and blue were on full display this past weekend as America honored those who have served and are currently serving in the armed forces. This is a very special holiday that is very near and dear to my heart. Many of you might be aware of this, but I am currently finishing up my term of service in the U.S. Army. I’ll finally be returning home for