Basic Tips For Online Poker – Know them

Basic Tips For Online Poker – Know them

The spread of online poker through sites like has been explosive when you consider the fact that the first internet money game was played as recently 1998! This wildfire trend, which has made online poker one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the virtual world today, shows no signs of stopping. Here for the newcomer, in no particular order of importance, are seven basic tips that can benefit every new online poker player. Learning the basic rules of online poker is of course the first prerequisite of successful play.

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However, the rapid pace of online games can make things difficult when you are just starting out. Take advantage of the unique conditions of internet play, and do what you could never do in a bricks and mortar casino – keep a ‘cheat sheet’ next you when you play online poker.

To start with, this may hold fundamentals like the hierarchy of hands. As you progress, you might replace/ augment this with starting hand strategy sheets – you’ll find a whole host of these on different poker websites. Take advantage of the free practice play offered by all reputable online poker sites before you enter real games.

Only through actual play can you master the basics – and why take a risk while you are still getting to grips with the fundamentals? When you feel ready to step up to a real game, take advantage of another feature of online poker, and that is the ease with which you can watch a host of games before deciding which one to join. You’ll be able to gauge the skill of the other players after a relatively short period of observation, and pick a game where the skill level is low, increasing your chances of winning. Be patient, and fold each time the starting hand you are dealt is bad.

Too many novice players throw money at bad hands, simply for a chance to get into the action. Bide your time. There is little point trying to bluff in small stakes games, as the price of calling you is so low at least one other player is sure to ‘keep you honest’ every time. The next point is closely related, and is to have the courage to go for it when you have a strong hand.

Playing ‘tight’, and risking little by folding early on poor hands is a good idea, but if you don’t risk your chips when the action is good, you are probably playing the wrong game. Good online poker is about intelligent risk taking. If you don’t like taking the chance when the odds are good maybe poker isn’t the game for you. That being said, the golden rule of all games of chance is to never stake more than you can afford to lose. Never try and win back losses once you’ve reached your limit – walk away to return another day.

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