Beginners And Real Money Online Poker – What to know!!

Beginners And Real Money Online Poker – What to know!!

Can you remember the first time you played poker? I dont think I can! Can you remember the first time you played online poker? I can. I remember thinking how amazing it was that I could play poker at any time I wanted with people from all accross the world. The first time I played it was at a play money table at Party Poker. Unfortunately they wouldnt allow me to take my big pile of play money with me so I just got more at Party Poker!

Anyway I remember playing, trying to bluff like i was a stone cold pro sometimes with terrible cards. But even worse was the even more inexperienced players at the table that spoiled the game by doing this with every single hand they got. As i got better I noticed that I was reaching the Heads Up game much more frequently. Now that I think of it, it didnt really take a whole lot of effort, just sit back and wait for the cowboys that throw all in every hand to get knocked out and then just play descent hands.

Finally, after a fairly long spell of playing play money games I got fed up with winning nothing when i won a tournament, I began playing real money games. Not a very smooth transition at all! The games suddenly became very difficult to win or even come in the top three. When i was playing in the play money tournaments, i was winning somewhere around 1 in every 3 tournaments, the rest I was usually in the top three. I began thinking why I had been playing well in my opinion and winning at play money tables and now Im still playing like I used to but I cant do well at all. Heres the answer – I didnt know a whole lot about the game I was playing, how to play it well and how others were playing it better than I was.

My preferred game of choice is no limits Texas Holdem. However, I didnt know how to calculate my starting hand strength, or work out poker odds and pot odds and i was giving off tells like the heavens give rain to Ireland! Worst of all, the strategy i had developed playing play money games was obsolete here. I couldnt wait for everybody to go all in, half the table to get knocked out in one go like in play money games because this doesnt happen.

If you are an anxious beginner, who cant wait to play real money poker, take a step back and think, do you really know every little rule of your preferred game? Do you know all the card strenghts, starting hands and hands throughout the game, like the back of your hand? Have you ever read about poker strategy or poker theories? If the answer to some or all of these questions is no then playing real money poker straight of the mark will only be throwing your money away.

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Learn about poker theories and strategies, read as much on online poker or whichever discipline of the game you prefer as you can and be the skilled player who walks away from the table with a smile on his face. Without a strategy and a good knowledge of the games we play, we rely on luck alone to guide us towards our goals.

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