Book Review – Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book: Lessons And Teachings In No-Limit Texas Hold’Em

Book Review - Phil Gordon's Little Green Book: Lessons And Teachings In No-Limit Texas Hold'Em

With Poker still as popular as ever, there is an ample supply of books on the subject. These books are written by both pros and those who think they are pros. With all of the information out there it can be confusing to someone who is looking for which book will help them with their poker playing. So, what is the answer? Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book should be in every poker player’s library. This book is cover to cover of insightful poker wisdom. Most of the pros who write books are mainly telling stories about their career with the aim of getting you to play the way they play. There is no one way to play poker. Everybody has a different style and it takes time to find a comfort zone for most poker players. Poker is a game that requires adapting to different styles and opponents. Therefore, if you learn just one style of play you will become a very one dimensional player who will have a hard time making poker a profitable endeavor.

Where the Little Green Book sets itself apart from the rest is its analysis of the game. The book’s intention is not to tell you how to play, rather, make you think about the game from multiple perspectives. Gordon plays poker one way but does not expect that everyone will play that way. His book does not push a style on you, instead, it helps you reflect on your own play and mistakes that you make plays. Perhaps the book’s most important quality is that it describes what mistakes players make at the table. I found this to be the most useful source of knowledge. Poker is not always about making as much money as possible. Poker is also about conserving money when you can and waiting for a more profitable time to wager that money.

As you get some really useful tips from the book you can use those tips to improve your game of poker. There are various websites where you can enjoy Poker online. As you implement the tricks and strategies that you learn from the book you will surely improve your game over time.

The book may not be for beginners, in that it does not really go over the basics. It assumes the reader is bringing some knowledge of poker to the table. With that in mind, this book should serve as a reference for all intermediate and advanced players. It uses humor and an easy to read style that makes it one of the most enjoyable reads. All too often poker books are so cut and dry that reading it makes me think back to college texts books full of mindless statistics and facts. This book is light enough to read while you are standing in line at the store and is engrossing enough to keep your attention for hours.

As someone who studies the game, this is by far the best book on the subject.

There will always be the classics that are must-reads. However, this little gem packs so much into so little it will change the way you play the game. In time this too will be considered a classic. Just think, if you do not read this book, everyone else who did will have that edge on you at the tables. Good Luck!

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