Chronicles Of An Online Poker Player 

Chronicles Of An Online Poker Player 

Generally speaking, when you enter a hand, you are not always in complete control. You know that, don’t you? Even if you raise (pre-flop) and you are called, your future in the hand can solely depend on the flop. Being good or bad, luck can be a cruel thing. However, what you can do is click on mega888 apk download and improve your skills so that you can get better at the game.

You can have ace-king suited, and someone calls your raise with a pair of 9’s, and the flop comes: A-9-4, you could be in a lot of trouble. Of course, 9 times out of 10 most people (not seeing the pocket 9’s) would assume they are in complete control with the aces and a king kicker.

It is now whether you must decide, “Do I own this hand, or am I just renting it; to be sold on the river?” You could make a substantial bet and get called, and then be thinking, “Must be ace-queen they have.” It is more than likely than when the sheriff’s department will be knocking on your door and handing you a piece of paper that reads; “Eviction notice,” and you and your ace-king are kicked out of the house.

Now how you play the hand can determine where you stand. If you have “slow-played it,” you may have to realize that you allowed a player in with a small pair and they caught “trips” on the flop. You have to keep these things in mind at all times! If you are playing “no limit,” be careful, even though you may think you are on top with the aces. If you are playing “limit,” then you might just call the bets and the raises, and see what happens in the end. I played a guy the other day heads up, he went “all-in” with ace-king. Well, I had ace-king suited and caught a flush on the river. Wow, was he pissed because 4th street was a king. I guarantee he knew he won the hand.

Many times I have seen on TV a professional player on the Big Blind with an A-3 off-suit just call (and why not?). But the remaining opponent has K-K and slow-played the hand to pounce on his opponent after the flop. But there was the flop, no kings, and one ace, with 2 garbage cards. That K-K basically just moved into the place we call a house, better known as a hand. In this case, the K-K made a huge bet, and his opponent now has to wonder, “Did he begin the hand with an ace and a large kicker-card? Or was it just a smaller pair?” It all depends on the player, but this player with the ace folded, even though we all saw on the TV screen that he had the better hand, but in reality, that is why he is on TV playing professional poker and we are online playing for a few dollars here and there.

Would you have called the large bet, or gone all-in? Sometimes it really is how you feel in your gut. Instinct plays a key role in playing poker, and if you are right, it will pay dividends. If you are wrong, you will be headed back to the bank to get more money.

You have to play confidently, and in doing so, you must know you are moving into this “house” and keeping it. I have seen many times where the flop comes J-J-5. Someone makes a bet, and I will raise 3 times that bet. There is a slight pause, then a fold. You can smell a person trying to buy a pot a mile away.

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