Deuces Wild Video Poker Game – Know About Them

Deuces Wild Video Poker Game – Know About Them

Deuces Wild Video Poker game has been devised by the prestigious company, Microgaming, who are known all over the world for their innovative and exciting software and video poker games. An Introduction to Deuces Wild Video Poker Game Deuces Wild is an easy-to-understand game, which makes it ideal for the starter. What makes Deuces Wild stand out from normal video poker is the fact that the four deuces (two’s) are wild, within the standard fifty-two card deck. As in a normal game of poker, the cards get shuffled before each deal, so their occurrence within any one game is entirely random. The wild deuces can be used to accomplish virtually any winning hand amalgam, apart from the ‘Natural Royal Flush.’ (Please note that there are no wild Jokers in this game, only the deuces.)

There is an ‘Autoplay’ feature within the game, which gives you the option to fully automate the game, and takes away the need for you make any decisions, such as where or how to place your bets. As well as the autoplay feature; game, win and background sounds can be turned on or off, which again affords ease of use as some players can find these sounds to be irritating or distracting.

How much can I bet/win on Deuces Wild?

The minimum bet is currently set at 00.25, and the maximum is 25, (five coins.) After you have placed your bet, you click on ‘Deal,’ and that starts play, where you will be dealt five cards. You can then decide which of the cards you want to ‘hold;’ further cards are drawn to complete your hand, and you will then find out of you have a winning combination. When you have a winning hand, you will have the option to choose the ‘Doubling’ function, whereby you can either collect your winnings or play to double them. If you choose to double, you will see a further five cards laid out. The dealers’ card is face-upward, and you have four which are facing-down; you would choose one of those, and if it is a higher value than the dealers’ card, your win will be worth double the initial amount. Payouts start when you get ‘Three of a Kind,’ and are based on the maximum bet of five coins. The next payout is for a ‘Straight’ or a ‘Flush,’ with these paying ten coins; next is ‘Full House’ which pays fifteen, followed by ‘Four of a Kind’ paying twenty, and then ‘Straight Flush’ (sixty-five,) then ‘Five of a Kind’ paying eighty coins. The only way to win ‘Five of a Kind’ is by having the presence of one, or more, ‘Deuces Wild’ in your hand. The Deuces Wild Royal Flush pays one hundred and twenty five coins; four Deuces pay one thousand coins, and a Natural Royal Flush (without the aid of any ‘deuces wild’) will bring you the maximum payout of four thousand coins.

Where can I play Deuces Wild?

There are many websites offering you access to this popular game, and various bonuses are given. The following five sites are currently the post popular: Platinum Play, 1500$ Bonus All Slots, 200$ Bonus 7 Sultans, 1000$ Bonus Vegas Palms Casino, 100$ Bonus Royal Vegas, 1200$ Bonus Consumer thought on Deuces Wild Deuces Wild has scored very highly among users, gaining an impressive 9.34 out of a possible 10. ‘Game features’ and ‘ease of use’ came joint top, both scoring the maximum 10, closely followed by every other feature, including ‘graphics,’ ‘speed’ and ‘fun factor,’ all scoring 9. Consumers would therefore give an overall feeling of being ‘very impressed’ by the Deuces Wild Video Poker Game. For the gathering of information about the poker game site, you can register at the official แทงบอลออนไลน์ account. It will provide you complete details about the poker tables and rooms for increase in the winnings. Ensure that the information is reliable and trustworthy for the people.

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