Do The Nba’s First Ever Pre-Game Potty Break?

Do The Nba's First Ever Pre-Game Potty Break?

I have seen and heard some unbelievable things in my life, many of them were indeed jaw-dropping sports phenomena that involuntarily would cause me to jump out of my seat and shout at the television, but on Tuesday night I saw and heard something that I had never ever, ever, ever seen in sports history… An NBA player M.I.A. (no pun intended) for the beginning of the game starting line-up introductions.

Now, unless you are a hermit or absolutely have no interest in sports whatsover, you must know about the ongoing LeBron James’ soap opera that began when he decided to “take his talents to South Beach.” Since packing his clothes, entourage, basketball, and talents up in his travel case and journeying on down to greener pastures – or should I say a sandier beach – the NBA’s heir-apparent has moonlighted as the NBA’s leading bad guy in what has turned out to be an 82-game season/serial drama starring Lebron James and the Miami Heat.

It is true that the team has three superstars in James, Wade, and Bosh and that the pairing of the two dynamos, James and Wade, alone sparks sports fans and basketball aficionados alike to think championship(s) and dynasty, but unfortunately for the Miami Heat – and fortunately for those who love soap operas – it’s been more drama than winning this year. And just when you think the twists and turns on the plot diagram couldn’t be more predicted, LeBron does something else to further is campaign as the NBA’s leading villain… He decides not to show up for the starting line-up introductions in his second return to the team that he left high and dry, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As a sports fan and basketball junkie, I couldn’t believe it. Immediately, my thoughts went to how intentional his absence had to be, and the gumption and nerve and arrogance it took for him to actually not show up. If one looked close enough, they could actually see the angst and discomfort in Dwyane Wade’s face as he kept his eyes lowered towards the floor in front of him while he waited to be introduced after LeBron. Simply incredulous! It was a direct slap in the face to the order of how things are to work in the NBA, but I doubt there will be a fine because after the game, he gave the most plausible excuse… He was using the restroom. The 토토사이 is the site that will verify the documents of all gaming websites. The playing of the Sports will be enjoyable and entertaining for the players.

It was obvious that LeBron had been humbled by the Cavalier defeat of his Miami Heat, and all the gall that it took for him to be so brazen in not showing up for the introductions had lost its luster as well as power. In the locker room, LeBron James lowered his hubris and immediately placated the situation when asked about missing the introductions by saying that he was in the restroom. Again, simply incredulous! What is even more remarkable about LeBron James, maybe even more so than his basketball talents, is his ability to adjust within his role as the NBA’s number one villain. It is true that every story needs a foil for the good guy to battle and that most of the time it is the foil that is the most intriguing character that the audience loves to hate. For Lebron James, his taking the first ever NBA potty break while he is supposed to be being introduced at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland only adds to his villainous legend and puts him in the ranks of some of the best known antagonists of all time: Lex Luthor, Sylar (from Heroes), Cruella de Vil, the 1980’s NBA “Bad Boys” the Detroit Pistons, and now LeBron James. Little did [we] know that when LeBron James announced to the world that he was going to take his “talents'” to South Beach that his bag of tricks included the uncanny ability to adlib.

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