How To Play The Quarter Betting Game

How To Play The Quarter Betting Game

There’s an easy betting game to play for football games. Anybody that wants to get in on the betting can and they don’t have to know anything about football. Usually, no more than a quarter is placed for a bet and coins are what is usually used, but you can change the rules. You should also check out Agen Bola Terpercaya for more such tips and trick that you ca use. With these tips you can significantly improve your betting game.

What is needed:

1 to 4 pieces of paper

A pen or a pencil

People to bet, each needing at least four quarters (or whatever coins are used or they are going to bet)


Very few preparations are needed

Eight rows of 10 or 11 boxes are drawn on the paper or papers. It depends on how you want to set up the sheet. If you are using four papers horizontally, you may want to draw two rows of 10 boxes. If you are using just one piece of paper, you may need to make the boxes closer. However, each box should be able to hold at least one quarter.

In each row of 10 boxes, write the numbers 0 through 9, one number per box.

Write one of the team names above each of the rows or in the 11th box for each row, so there would be four rows that contain “team 1” and four rows that contain “team 2”

Playing the betting game:

The game takes place during each quarter. It ends at the end of each quarter. A peson places a bet by placing a quarter on the number of the score that they think a team’s score will have at the end of the number. This way, there is no guessing who will win. It is simply a betting game based on numbers.

When the quarter is finished, the person who placed their bet on the correct number for the team’s score gets all the quarters in the row. If only one bet was correct for one team and the other team had no correct bets, the person who bet for the first team gets the quarters from both rows.

However, if there are no correct bets, two things can happen depending on how you play the game.

Option 1:

The quarters stay and then after the next quarter of the football game, anybody that gets the correct ending number gets to take the quarters for their team from that quarter and the previous quarter (once again, all of the quarters if only one bet was correct for one team).

Option 2:

Everybody gets their quarters back and the game starts new with the second quarter of the football game.

Do the same things for the third and fourth quarters of the game. The important part of the game is that you keep it consistant however you play it.

This game can even be played by people who are not interested in the game since all you need is one person watching the game to let others know the final score during each quarter of the game.

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