Mistakes Most People Make Playing Blackjack!

Mistakes Most People Make Playing Blackjack!

Other than slot machines, blackjack is one of the most popular casino games played today. Most people know this but for those that don’t, blackjack has the best odds of winning of all casino games. It is one game that you, the player, has some level of control over what the outcome will be. With the proper knowledge a blackjack player can bolster his or her chances of actually beating the house.

The first rule of thumb that most people forget or ignore is the most important one and this one mistake can cost a player a lot of money. That rule is that you must play like the dealer plays. This reasoning is sometimes very hard for a new or occasional player to grasp. Let me ask you, who wins more, the dealer or the player? Of course, the dealer or “house” wins the majority of the time. That’s why in most instances you must play exactly as the dealer plays. Many people have a hard time hitting a 16 but the dealer is required to hit it, why? The answer is simple and that is there are as many cards that will make the hand as there are that will bust it. With every rule there are usually exceptions and this one is no different. With the assumption that the dealer’s hole card is always a 10, you would not hit a 16 if the dealer is showing a bust card. By that I mean a 3 through 6 and sometime even a 2 although the consensus is about 50/50 on the 2.

Getting greedy is another common mistake made by many blackjack players and the most common way players get greedy is in splitting. Splitting, when used properly, can be a good way to win more but when it is abused it will eat your lunch or more importantly your bankroll. The first big no-no in splitting is splitting 10’s. Why in the name of heaven would anyone split 10’s? If you have gotten to the point in the hand where you have the option to split 10’s then you know you have no less than a push and more than likely a winner since the dealer didn’t turn over a blackjack which is the only hand that will beat 10’s! What usually happens when someone splits 10’s is he or she turns a winning hand into two losers. Just as you never split 10’s there are two hands you almost always want to split and that is 8’s and 9’s especially if the dealer is showing a bust card or a 7 or 8.

The final mistake many blackjack players make is not necessarily game play but money management. Losing a hand and then doubling up to get the money back that you lost can get very expensive considering you could lose quit a few hands in a row. One of the best ways I’ve seen and use personally is the “take profit and increase bet” method. This only works if you remember one thing and that is if you lose a hand, you start over at step one. It doesn’t matter what you start with, it can be $5, $10, $25, $50 dollars, wherever your personal comfort with the bet lies. I like to start with $5. If I win the first bet I keep the bet at $5 and pull the $5 I won and with that I am now playing on casino money! If I lose I do what? Of course, I start over! For the sake of explanation let’s say I won the first hand and I even win the second. Since my $5 bet and $5 winnings are all house money I will now let it ride and my bet is now 10 dollars. For the sake of showing how this method works let’s say I’m on a good winning streak and I win the third, fourth and fifth hands. On the third win I now start to take profit while also adding to my bet so I will take $5 and leave $15. Remember, at this point everything in the bet is house money. After the fourth hand win I now have 30 dollars of which I will leave $20 and take $10 giving me a $15 dollar profit so far. With the win on hand number 5 I now have $40 dollars and I leave $30 and take another 10 profit giving me a $25 profit. So now even if I lose on the next hand and have to start again with $5 I’m still going to be playing on house money with the $25 I am ahead and will immediately start taking profit on the first hand win even if I lose a couple in a row.

I can do so because I have confidence in myself that I can do better with each game and $5 is not even peanuts for experts which I proudly count myself as in this field so I do have high hopes on this next hand where I will increase my stakes and https://www.dewakiu99.com is the perfect platform where one can hone their skills.

You will not get rich with this method of money management in the game of blackjack but with a little patience you can win more than you lose. Personally I have had good streaks where I had already built my bet to over $200 which of course meant I had plenty of profit when I did finally lose. Consistent play combined with patience is the only way to be good at blackjack.

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