Poker Etiquette Number 1

Poker Etiquette Number 1

Poker is a great game, but it can become very stressful. When doing anything stressful, especially when money is involved, people tend to become angry and tempers may flare. It is very easy to see why so many people were killed during poker games in the past. Anyone who has played a great deal of poker has seen someone throw a fit after losing. People becoming angry when they lose money will happen but there are ways to avoid causing unnecessary tension. There are many impolite actions that can be taken offensive at the poker tables. Some of which you may not have thought were rude, such as “going south” during a cash game. If you do not know the meaning of “going south” then read on and you may learn bad habits of your own. These can be very useful to know when you are playing a game of Domino100.

The first of which I am going to bring up is “going south.” This refers to taking chips off the table and not betting them anymore. This is only applicable during cash games. Many players will do this after winning a large hand. A player will simply take some of the money he won and pull it off the table. This is a very quick way to upset others at the poker table. This will particularly upset people who you won from in the hand since they no longer have the opportunity to win their money back. The best policy is simply to leave all your money on the table until you are ready to leave the table.

The second bad behavior is splashing the pot. A player throws there chips into the center of the pot making it difficult for the dealer to count it. This slows down the game and is considered very rude towards the dealer. This is a move you see in commercials and movies but should not otherwise be done. When betting simply place your chips neatly out in front of you. Be sure they are close enough for the dealer to reach but not in the pot.

Do not under any circumstances purposely miscall your hand. This is done often by someone trying to appear funny at the table but it can be very irritating. Also if the dealer or other player is not paying attention to your cards it could cause some confusion. This will slow down the game and upset the other players at the table.

String betting is by many casinos considered against the rules. A string bet is when you push in one stack of chips in to the pot and then push in a second stack. You must push in all the chips you are betting at once or declare the amount that you are going to raise. The reason string betting is not allowed is it can cause confusion, which slows down the game. The other problem with string bets are that you can make the bet and if it does not appear that your opponent is folding you can grab for more chips.

The very last and possibly most important etiquette rule when playing poker is never “slow roll.” This is when you allow your opponent to turn their cards first or slowly flip your cards over. Only in the movie Maverick is this ever done (and almost gets shot for it). By slow rolling your opponent you are letting the suspense build which creates more tension. This can also cause an opponent to think he has one the hand only for you to turn your cards over and take their glory.

Always remember how strenuous poker can be on the mind. The game is supposed to be fun, and when people are upset it begins to ruin the game for the whole table. So follow these five poker etiquette rules so as to keep everyone happy. If you are interested in seeing more articles of this nature such as poker etiquette and manners let me know. I appreciate your messages and comments.

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