The Best Of Daytime Tourism In Las Vegas

The Best Of Daytime Tourism In Las Vegas

Not everyone who goes to Vegas wishes to be immerse in the nighclubs, blackjack tables, and smoke-filled poker rooms 24/7 in poker qq online to have a tremendous gameplay for their favorite gambling games with the account validation for the betting consequences. Of course thousands of families and visitors travel to Vegas just to admire the night lights and little else; so what IS there to do in Las Vegas besides gambling during the daytime? As someone who lived and breathed Las Vegas for more than 10 years, I will show you exactly what you are looking for! 

1. Breakfast Buffet’s – Las Vegas is famous for its glorious buffets, but over the years, buffet prices have skyrocketed and you usually don’t get the best deal anymore. Fear not, the breakfast buffets are your solution. You get the Vegas buffet experience for a fraction of the price. If you are smart, you can head to the buffet at around 10:30am to get in for the breakfast price and then stay for the lunch buffet! Buffets at the Sahara and the Red Rock Station. Actually, the buffet at Red Rock Station is far superior than anywhere else for the price you pay.

2. Gaming lessons – Are you new to gambling? Don’t want to lose any money, but want to have that Las Vegas experience? Try the free gaming lessons offered by many casinos before noon! Casinos like the Venetian, Caesar Palace, and Excalibur all host free gaming sessions. This is a great way to learn how to play table games without taking a hit in your wallet! For a full schedule and locations of free gaming lessons, check out this website.

3. Seigfried and Roy Secret Garden – Here is an activity that most people don’t know about or choose to ignore. This wildlife habitat has various exotic large cats like white tigers as well as a dolphin habitat. Great fun for the whole family. For those who have more abundant funds, why not participate in the trainer for the day program! This program gives visitors an opportunity to play with the dolphins, train them, and feed them! The program lasts from 9:45am to 3:15pm and includes breakfast, lunch, and many souvenirs! An opportunity of a lifetime for anyone! I personally enjoy the secret garden more than the Shark Reef, but both are about the same price and both are pretty entertaining for a couple of hours.

4. Museum’s and more – Las Vegas has several museums of note that you can visit during the day. While the museums are not as impressive as the ones in New York or Chicago, they do offer something different than the normal Strip/Casino/Hotel atmosphere. Besides, for both you and your children, going to museums is infinitely more fun than just babysitting them on the casino floor. You might even learn something! Here are some museums of note:

Lied Discovery Children’s Museum – A great place for kids to run around, touch stuff, and learn about different things. It’s a small and simple place but it’s filled with various activities that your kids might enjoy. This is probably the best museum to take your kids to.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory amp; Cactus Garden – The chocolate factory is located 10 miles from the strip. The free tour takes you through the chocolate factory and even gives you a free piece of chocolate toward the end. The cactus garden might be boring if you are not into plants, but absolutely fascinating if you are. The Cactus garden is outdoors, so wear a hat if you are visiting in the summer.

Liberace Museum – A great museum to visit if you are a Liberace nut. If you are not, then the museum is overpriced and does not have that much for you to see.

Natural History Museums – Stay away from these as they do not come close in comparison to the museums of similar name in Los Angeles and New York. Still, it is slightly more interesting to go here than to sit at the hotel pool all day.

5. Embrace Nature – A lot of people get lost in the glitz and glamour of the casinos and fail to see the natural beauty that surrounds them. There are several great spots in Las Vegas to hike and explore and to even get away from the heat!

Mt. Charleston – A fantastic place to hike and to picnic. Also provides a great escape from the heat as you travel up the mountain!

Red Rock Canyon – A nice natural conservation area full of unique and colorful rock formations. Can get quite hot during the summer, but well worth the trip for nature lovers!

Springs Preserve – A great place to visit if you wish to learn more about the desert. You can learn about the culture and history of the Las Vegas valley, take a walk through the botanical gardens and scenic trails, and even enjoy special events that might be hosted. Very fun and educational.

6. Hoover Dam and beyond – Lastly, any Las Vegas day tourist must make a trek to Hoover Dam. Filled with history, the Hoover Dam is definitely a sight to behold. Wear a hat and suncreen since you will be outside waiting in line for a while. While you’re near the Hoover Dam, a trip to Lake Mead might also be fun for you and your family. Hoover Dam is also the gateway into Arizona which will lead you into the Grand Canyon. There are many tours to Grand Canyon that you can book from Las Vegas, so they are certainly worth looking into. I recommend the Helicopter tours for the ultimate experience!

Las Vegas is not just about casinos and gambling, if you are a first time visitor, be sure to check out all of the things that this beautiful desert valley have to offer!

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