The Making and Breaking of a Gambling Addict

The Making and Breaking of a Gambling Addict

Who doesn’t want to get something out of nothing? And who has not dreamt of or frolicked in their thoughts of how to get easy money? Of course, everyone would immediately say, “I do!” This is true enough of the saying, ‘The best things in life are free’. And so, where can you find these two ideas? Where else but in gambling, these two ideas are the very heart of gambling – the lure of easy money and getting something out of nothing. Scientists have discovered through their testing of gamers playing the slot machines that people are thrilled when they hit the jackpot and that they will keep on playing again and again even if they are already losing a big sum of money. One might think it’s very irrational, but as human nature plays it, common sense is ignored and the hope of winning becomes the more rational thing to do. And so, with those components, if nursed and left unchecked could make one person a perfect candidate to be a gambling addict.

Now why a person who is gambling addictively does not simply stop and say, “Hey, I am losing, why I don’t just stop?” Easy right? Well, easy to say but very hard to do. There are several reasons why people become gambling addicts, let’s look at some of the possible reasons.

1) They make gambling their way of escaping emotional problems or coping up with stress. Just for a brief moment, it helps their mind get off of their current problems they are dealing with. But when one is ruled by emotion, it makes a person difficult to focus which could result in poor decision making and emotional overdrive.

2) They just don’t know when to stop. Setting up a limit will help a gambler keep him in check. Not setting a limit is a sure way to overspend and is a possible way of putting you in grave financial trouble. This shows their lack of self-control and being overcome by the thrill of possibly winning a huge amount of easy money.

So how would you know if one is becoming a gambling addict? What are the signs?

1.) I would rather gamble than be present at work (or school).

2.) It is more interested in betting than be motivated in life.

3.) Increased disinterest in family and friends which could be evident due to anti-social behavior and attitude.

4.) Always making a false excuse not being in family gatherings or other social functions.

5.) Very limited and/or depleting cash flow

6.) Increased borrowing of the huge amounts of money even though they may not be able to pay back the person they owe because they’re income could not afford it.

8.) Display of assertive hostile attitude or behavior towards another person.

9.) Lying that they are working at work but are still using 먹튀검증사이트 for online betting or via phone.

These are just some of the signs and manifestations that a gambler should watch out for. Sometimes, even if gambling addicts have recognized these signs, they don’t decide to change right away. What would they usually do is go back to gambling again and hope that they will win everything back that they have lost. The help of family and friends is one of the best ways to help them get out of gambling addiction. Once they realize that they are not alone facing the battle, it could encourage them more to move forward to the change that they have been longing to achieve.

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