Types Of Online Poker Bonus – Learn about them 

Types Of Online Poker Bonus – Learn about them 

Online Poker Bonus is one alluring thing that attracts many gamblers to go online to play poker from the comfort of their home. All online poker rooms give poker bonuses to their players. The amount of bonus may vary from casino to casino. There are three kinds of online poker bonuses available at online casinos.

You can learn about the different types of bonuses available at the online sa game to get an increase in the real cash. The picking of the correct online games is essential for the purpose. You can get the pros and cons of the poker bonuses to choose the right one and get desired results.

No Deposit Bonus – This online poker bonus does not need any money deposit. After signing up for an online Poker Room that offers a ‘No Deposit Bonus’ as per the instructions, the account gets credited with online poker bonus within just 72 hours. Well, it depends on room to room, some credit within 48 hours. The ‘No Deposit’ bonus can range from $3 up to $50. This kind of ‘Poker Bonus’ is great if a player is new to the poker scene. A new player can practice with real money without any risk of loosing money. However, the downside is that the player is not able to take part of the first deposit bonus if he makes a deposit and then plays with his own money. Poker Rooms do not allow any player to have more than one account at a time

First Deposit Bonus – This online poker bonus is a bonus that is given by a Poker Room based on the size of the first deposit. Mostly the first deposit bonus is a 100% bonus with the first deposit that a player makes. For instance, if a poker room offers a 100% bonus on the first deposit for a deposit of $200 maximum, it means if a player deposits an amount of $200, an extra $200 will be given to him. But getting this online poker bonus in real is not that easy. Well, the bonus is surely awarded to the player after the first deposit, but it remains in his account and he cannot use the bonus until he meets certain requirements – that are better known as ‘Wagering Requirements’. Now, these requirements vary from room to room for poker. For instance, the “Tower Gaming” poker room offers a first deposit bonus with a very low wagering requirement; a player needs to generate only 5 player points for every $ as an online poker bonus. This means that it needs a sum of 1000 player points to be able to clear that $200 online poker bonus.

If a player plays a ‘Sit and Go’ tournament, then this online poker bonus equals to rake back of 100% as the player is awarded 5 player points for every dollar paid as tournament fee. Another one ‘PokerLoco’, offers a great opportunity to the players to get a 100% bonus on the first deposit for a max deposit of $250. The best part is that the online poker bonus can be cleared at 5 player points per bonus dollar.

Reload/Freeload Bonus – This kind of poker bonus is usually offered as an additional online poker bonus. This is also called a ‘freeload’ or ‘reload’ bonus. The main difference between these two online poker bonuses is that with a reload poker bonus, it needs an additional deposit to the account, while the ‘freeload’ poker bonus is credited automatically when a poker bonus code is entered on the site. The ‘FreeLoad’ bonus is offered every month at some Poker rooms. The ‘Freeload’ bonus is usually cleared at 10 player point per bonus dollar

So, go ahead and grab some online poker bonuses and jump to the tables!

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