World Of Warcraft Hunter Pets

World Of Warcraft Hunter Pets

WoW Hunter Pets are what makes hunters unique in World of Warcraft. Whether you play a Beast Mastery Hunter or one specialized in Marksmanship or Survival, the choice of which pet is the best for you is crucial. Your choice of companion will likely have a larger impact on your success in leveling, particularly if you primarily solo, than your gear does.

Pets, like toons in WoW, have roles. There are three primary roles a pet can fulfill for you. Your furry friend can either tank, DPS, or provide a more balanced role. If you plan to PvP, you’ll probably want a DPS pet, whereas if you are going to level primarily solo, you might prefer a tank so you can keep the mobs off you. Some soloers prefer a DPS pet so they can kill the mobs more quickly. If you want to be prepared for all possible situations, a balanced companion might be more to your liking.

Warcraft is every child’s favorite every since it was released a couple of years back and has not lost its sheen even today with many youngsters emulating the heroes and aspiring to become like them when they grow up is a testimony of its timeless popularity, something that not even a game of Bandar judi online can achieve. It just goes on to prove that warcraft is like an old wine which keeps getting better and better in taste with the passage of time.

Tanking pets in WoW primarily are charged with keeping the mob off the hunter. They will do some damage, but their main goal is to keep the mobs attention so that you can fire away with your bow or gun. Bears are probably your best tanks as they have the best survivability and still do pretty good damage. I’d rate Boars second since they can charge and can also take a lot of punishment. Finally, the Scorpid is an interesting option. They lack the survivability of the previous two options, but make up for that with a nice poison attack, which probably makes them the best tanking option for PvP.

If you’d prefer a DPS pet, the Cat is the best choice. She will do the most damage and has the Prowl ability. The Raptor would be my second choice and not just because it looks cool. He also deals a great deal of damage, but probably just a bit less than the Cat. Finally, my third option would be the Ravager. The Ravager does some nice damage, but not as much as the Cat or the Raptor.

The last option is the balanced pet. You might want a balanced pet if you spend time doing PvP, soloing, and grouping as you will be ready for anything with this pet. My first option is the Wolf. Wolves do pretty good damage and survive pretty well and the small group buff from Howl will help your whole party with damage. Dragonhawks, like the Wolf, also provide decent damage and survivability and have a nice special ability with an area effect attack. Finally, the Serpent is my final choice for balanced pets. The Serpent, like the Scorpid, has a nice poison attack.

There you have it – nine WoW Hunter Pets that will fill whatever niche you need. Remember to take care of your pet and keep her happiness high. Always keep plenty of food she likes with you. Your pet is your greatest asset as a Hunter – even more important than your bow, gun, or armor. Choose your pet wisely and if you aren’t happy with the results, try something else. But most importantly, Happy Hunting!

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