Massachusetts Passes Bill Legalizing Gambling; Two Casinos &Amp; 3,000 Slot Machines Invade Bay State

Massachusetts Passes Bill Legalizing Gambling; Two Casinos &Amp; 3,000 Slot Machines Invade Bay State

In a landslide vote of 120 to 37, a bill was just passed on Beacon Hill to legalize casino gambling in Massachusetts. The passed bill lets two casino resorts be built and also allows some 3,000 slot machines to be installed at local race tracks.

This means that residents of Massachusetts will no longer have to drive over two hours to Foxwoods casino in Mashantucket, Conn. While casinos have had a history of bringing an increase of crime; however they also present many positives for the community.

The two Massachusetts casinos are sure to make a plethora of jobs and have a huge impact for the surrounding community. With unprecedented unemployment rates, anything that brings jobs to the Bay State is a good thing. The state will reap in the benefits of having casinos in Massachusetts through an increase of tax revenue. In a troubled economy any additional funds that add to the state’s overall budget clearly outweigh the negatives.

The addition of two casinos in Massachusetts will most likely lead to an increase of concert and Broadway productions in the area Рa definite plus for any arts  amp; entertainment buff. With Massachusetts already becoming a center for movie studios and production in Plymouth (see, the addition of casinos in Massachusetts could make the Bay State a target destination for aspiring entertainers and actors.

Another benefit to legalizing gambling and building two casinos in Massachusetts is the fact that Mass. residents will not be spending their money in another state. Depending on their locations, tourists from other states might travel to Massachusetts to play at the casinos.

How do you feel about the bill legalizing gambling and to build two casinos in Massachusetts?

Will the addition of casinos in Massachusetts make you happy, or leave you broke and depressed?

Well, it entirely depends on the mood and the atmosphere because a casino is one place where you are willing to put it all on the line with some of the best games of buktiqq, poker, slot, blackjack, etc. being played.

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